Award and Prize

ILCC-Kyoto Poster Award

The ILCC2018 conference will offer “ILCC-Kyoto Poster Awards” to outstanding poster presentations by young researchers (postdocs) and students to encourage their academic activities.

The judges appointed by the ILCC2018 Poster Awards Committee will review and evaluate the posters according to the following criteria:

  • Excellence and/or originality of the research
  • Clarity in presentation including the poster layout
  • Scientific knowledge in a discussion at the poster session

The ILCC2018 Poster Awards Committee will decide the awardees on the basis of the results of the judges’ votes.

Remarks to the poster award applicants:

  • Applicants must stand by their posters during the time scheduled for the poster session. During this time, attendees and judges will walk around and browse the posters they find interesting. Please keep in mind that your audience will possess diverse academic backgrounds and levels of training.
  • Please be fully prepared to explain firstly your research outline (in less than 5 min.) and then to answer questions to allow the audience, including the judges, to listen to you and discuss your work.

RSC Poster Prizes

The Royal Society of Chemistry has given the ILCC2018 conference a great opportunity to offer two special awards to poster presenters who show outstanding research. One is sponsored by “Soft Matter” and the other is sponsored by “Molecular Systems Design & Engineering.” Each award consists of a certificate and a year’s subscription to the relevant journal.

  • All applicants to the ILCC-Kyoto Poster Award are candidates for these awards.
  • The evaluation procedure will be the same as that given for the ILCC-Kyoto Poster Award.



Announcement of Awardees

Announcement of the ILCC-Kyoto Poster Award and RSC Poster Prizes: Awardees (of both the ILCC-Kyoto Poster and RSC awards) will be announced on the message board near the Registration Desk and on the conference website until around Thursday evening of the conference. At the closing ceremony (Friday afternoon), the awardees will take the stage and be introduced to the audience. After the ceremony, a group photo will be taken with the Chair of ILCC2018 after they receive the certificate, so we hope all the awardees will stay for the entire event.