Session Plan

A. General Session

A01 Molecular design, synthesis and materials
A02 Phases, structure and ordering
A03 Theory, simulation and modeling
A04 Dynamics and pattern formation
A05 Symmetry, chirality, polarity and bent-core molecules
A06 Self-assembly, colloids, chromonics and biological systems
A07 Frustrated phases and complex systems
A08 Nanostructured systems, supramolecules, and hydrogen-bonded systems
A09 Polymers, elastomers and gels
A10 Surfaces, confined systems and alignment control
A11 Displays and devices
A12 Optics and photonics
A13 Electronics, energy and environment
A14 Functional materials for devices, optical films, optical devices

S. Special Session (Invited only)

S01 Future displays
S02 Future materials
S03 Life science and liquid crystals
S04 Ultra-high definition display systems in 8K era