Conference Dinner

The official conference dinner will be held at Banquet Hall Sakura of the conference site. With expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows on two sides, Banquet Hall Sakura is surrounded by the beautiful garden. The grandeur of Mt. Hiei may be viewed from the terrace outside. You can enjoy buffet dishes with Kyoto’s ingredients while looking at the beautiful garden. You will also meet Maiko-san (apprentice Geiko) and enjoy their traditional dance performance.
A ceremony Kagami-biraki, the action of breaking the lid of a sake barrel in celebration, will be demonstrated. You can drink sake in a barrel with a special wooden cup called “Masu” and bring that cup back home.
In addition, we also have samurai costumes. If you are interested in a samurai, please experience a samurai and enjoy taking commemorative photos freely.

All participants of conference excursion can be there by tour buses. If you do not participate in any conference excursion, please come to the conference site (Kyoto International Conference Center) by public transport.
*Please apply for Conference dinner at Online Registration.

Date: Wednesday, 25 July 2018
Time: 18.00-20.00 h
Venue: Banquet Hall Sakura of the Kyoto International Conference Center (Conference site)
Cost: JPY 10,000 (JPY 15,000, after June 15, 2018)

About refund
We have changed venue for the Conference dinner to Banquet Hall Sakura on 3 March. If you cannot attend the dinner due to the change of venue, we will refund the participation fee already paid, so please contact us by 22 April. ( ). We apologize for the sudden change and ask for your understanding.
Thank you.