Presentation Guideline

Session Chair

The chair of each session is kindly requested to report to the staff booth (please see the Presentation Rooms in Floor Plan) of each room at least a few minutes before the start of the session to inform the staff of your arrival (please write a checkmark on the check sheet located in the staff booth). Please ensure punctuality, as the conference schedule is tight. (The presentation time status can be seen on the digital time indicator.)

Oral Presentations

The conference language is English. No translation is provided. Oral sessions will be held in the Annex Hall, Rooms B1, B2, D and E. Presenters may use their own computer (both VGA and HDMI connections to the projector will be available). Each conference room will be provided with a projector and a laptop computer running Windows 7 and with PowerPoint 2003-2016 installed. Mac users must supply their own computer and VGA adaptor. Audio/visual operators will be available only in the Annex Hall. Presenters are kindly requested to write a checkmark on the check sheet located in the staff booth(please see the Presentation Rooms in Floor Plan) and to confirm that your PC can be connected to the projector, or to copy your presentation from a USB flash drive to the laptop computer provided. A computer switching system will be available in each room. Just before your presentation, please sit down in the next speaker seat, and connect your computer with a long cable. (Conference staff will help you.)

Each plenary lecture is limited to 50 minutes including discussion. Invited speakers have 20 minutes presentation time with 9 min. discussion. Oral speakers have 10 minutes presentation time with 4 min. discussion. Presenters can always check the time remaining by looking at the digital timer indicator placed in each room. We ask that you please keep to the schedule so that the audience moving between sessions will be able to attend the lectures they select during the tight conference schedule.

Poster Presentations

Poster sessions will be held in Rooms C0, C1 and C2. Each poster is assigned a code number that can be found in the program and at the top of the poster board. The size of the poster board is W 1200 mm × H 2100 mm. Pushpins will be provided. The use of double-faced tape is not permitted, but Velcro tape may be used. Presenters should put up their posters after lunch (The session rooms will be open at 13:00). Please be sure to remove your poster soon after your presentation time. If not, our staff will remove your poster and keep it in the conference office during the conference. (Posters remaining after the close of the conference will be discarded.)

For a poster to be reviewed for the Poster Award, a star symbol will be marked near the code number.

Obligation time: Odd numbers; 17:00-17:45, Even numbers; 17:45-18:30